Adinton Connector for Zapier

Adinton Zapier integration

Zapier is a tool / app connector, and its utility with Adinton is really interesting. Our Adinton integration with Zapier is specially created to be able to import microconversions from any CRM, Facebook Leads Ads, Google Spreadsheets, etc to Aditnon

For example, every event on these platforms, like lead creation or sale closed, it sends that information to Zapier, and Zapier sends it to Adinton. Then Adinton count it as Conversion or Microconversion and it calculate the attribution.

Zapier setup and installation

You have to make a Zip, select the trigger (cause “something” to function) and after you have to select Adinton-Technologies as Action connector. Try it visiting¬†Zapier page

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