Adinton Connector for Pipedrive


Adinton’s machine learning algorithm analyzes millions of journeys on every site to provide with the most precise lead scoring in real time.

If you move any lead from “not ready to buy” to “ready to buy” then your sales team will receive an alert in real time. Also if your “ready to buy” lead is on your pricing page, your sales team will receive an alert in real time too!

Here are the most common Use Cases:

  • Call when the leads are ready to buy.
  • Nurture when the leads are not ready To buy.
  • Activate drip campaigns based on buyer intent.
  • Activate chatbot conversations based on buyer intent.
  • Adapt your message and efforts based on buyer intent.

Setup and installation

Completely automated installation with a step-by-step guide. You can also visit Pipedrive Marketplace

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