Offline Tracking

Analyze accurately beyond the lead. You will know how much business you are closing offline, thanks to your online actions.

Optimize your marketing even if your customer journey ends in a call center or physical store.

If you don’t see the entire journey (on + offline) you are missing growth opportunities.

We synchronize with your CRM and we know exactly, without error, what online click has generated the offline sale

There is plenty of valuable information you can discover about your online marketing campaign from Google Analytics by using conversion funnels and various other features. But what about your offline marketing campaign?
You may already be struggling with measuring your offline marketing results.
By connecting your CRM with the Adinton platform you can find out what click has generated your offline sale

Don’t cut your sales funnel in half. Measure everything and make decisions based on comprehensive travel data.

Improve your day to day without making major implementation changes. Make sure your entire marketing strategy is based on measuring correctly.

Smart and Accurate data for taking the better decisions

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Offline Tracking


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