Best Marketing Attribution Software

Adinton Attribution software helps marketers identify the best performing advertising channels for the company.

Big companies invest more and more in DATA and Marketing Attribution.

Don’t be left behind!

In just 30 days you will know where you can improve your marketing strategy. You have nothing to lose!

Invest optimally in each channel to maximize sales.
You will see 3 different visions of your company data: Last Click AttributionData driven attribution based on smart value and Data driven attribution across time.
For more information see Adinton attribution models help

You will know where and how much to invest to increase sales!

Cross Device, Cross Domain, Cross Channel, On <> Off line.
Even small adjustments can have a great effect on your marketing effectiveness and ROI. Adinton Attribution Software makes the seemingly-complicated task of tracking the monetary impact of every source channel, every touchpoint and every campaign easyly. We can combine online and offline customer journeys to give you the full attribution situation.

How exactly is your TV campaigns impacting your Online actions?

Exact data, precise decisions!

The most accurate attribution algorithm: TV, Cross Device, Cross Operating System, in Real Time and updated every 24h

Analyze your attribution data like never before. Compare Models, analyze based on Source or Campaigns Performance vs comparing with other channels.