How Adinton works?

  1. Adinton recollects clicks, page views, conversions and microconversions.
  2. Store all the data and it’s cooked for being analyzed for Adinton’s Predictive Algorithms.
  3. Adinton’s algorithms have main goals:
    1. Marketing Attribution. Where do we locate our marketing budget to maximise ROAs?
    2. Buying Intent Data. Who of my visitors are ready to buy and they are not bying?
    3. Both type of data are based on customer journey analysis.
  4. Output: Adinton takes action applying the conclusion get on step #3 automatically, showing recommendations inside Adinton platform or sending you an email.
  5. Improving your ROAs and revenue 1% daily, you’ll get amazing results in 1 year.
  6. You cand follow our methodology working with our own technology or hiring our services. Both paths send you to increase revenue.

Work smart with the most sophisticated predictive sales algorithm. We analyze each individual visitor’s journey in real-time, whether off or online users and across all devices, to give you actionable information and insights.

This is the only data you need to improve your conversion rates and send stage specific messages to your prospects. Group your traffic by buyer intent to weed out the wanderers who will never convert (job seekers, competition, content writers…) and focus on those that will bring value to your company.

With the advanced Customer Intelligence and proprietary Attribution model, you will have easy access to all the time-consuming and sometimes impossible to calculate precisely KPIs: LTV, CAC, Attributed Conversions, Net Attributable Income…You will know exactly how each channel is performing, which level of buying intent they are bringing in and how each channel helps the other.

Data for Better Marketing Audiences

You can do your best marketing when your audiences are grouped by buyer intent.
And your sales team is happy too!

Automatically sync with Google and Facebook Ad managers to create intent based remarketing audiences and lookalike audiences of your best customers.

We put your marketing strategy on steroids so you can sell more with less effort.

Analyze and compare with over 100 different filters such as highest spenders, loyalest, most recent purchases, top buyers…

We track it all Cross Device, Cross Domain, Cross Channel, On <> Off line.

Detect users that are Ready To Buy and you’re going to lose them

Predictive with Machine Learning

We analyze 20+ touchpoints for each visitor’s journey over 10s of thousands of website visits to help you make the most of your data and confidently predict revenue.

Work smart, add predictive sales tools to your stack. You won’t need to do a thing!

Create Real-Time Audiences based on Purchase Intent

You now have all the data you need to personalize the experience for each visitor with stage specific content and appropriate channels.

You will no longer waste your time and money on those who will not bring your company any revenue. Say goodbye to spam!