Adinton Connector for Google Ads

Tracking Google Ads Campaigns with Adinton

Get connected with Adinton is really simple, just is required click on settings icon in Adinton and select «Connect to».
On this section:

  1. Click on Connect to Goole Ads button
  2. Login with the user you want to connect
  3. You have to grant permissions
  4. Adinton lists all your google ads linked accounts. Select the account you want to connect

With this action you will have linked your google ads account with Adinton. From now, Adinton Bot will take some actions:

  1. Just enable autotagging to track every enabled campaigns and keywords
  2. Adinton download campaign costs. It is used to show cost metrics on any report
  3. If autobidding is enabled then Adinton Bot AI will execute bidding rules to adjust bid and budget for each campaign
  4. Create audiences

Autotagging Google ads templates

When you connect your Googleads to Adinton you are accepting that Adinton Bot will change the templates of all active campaigns of the selected Google ads account.

If you want to know more about autotagging, please visit our help documentation

Downloading Google ads costs

Adinton can use your costs to Administrate the auto bidding portion, Calculate the CPA and ROI & Prose you new costs with its optimization reports.

How is Adinton AI autobidding working?

In the rules section, you can active the rules you require for your business. Once you select the rules you need, then click on submit to initiate auto optimize your campaigns with Adinton

Now you will have Adinton optimizing your campaigns 24*7 and to monitor or control this tool, just go to your Dashboard page and can use the first 3 boxes to monitor your activity or update your basic goals to control the tool.

Adinton use the UTM´s to track any interaction with your web and would be required add the tags accordingly in all your campaigns.

Automate your Google Ads campaigns with Adinton is really simple!

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