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Olvídate de las tablas dinámicas.

Las métricas para que tu negocio funcione.

Sabrás cosas sobre tu negocio que nunca imaginaste.

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Medios en los que Adinton ha aparecido

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Los principales KPI comerciales que Google Analytics no te proporciona.

Click Fraud Data Table Example

Maximum protection for your money and your business to prevent theft.
Send comprehensive reports to Google and get your money back.

Life time value measured by Adinton Customer Intelligence

¿Sabes con qué frecuencia compran tus clientes?

Who are the highest ticket customers? the most recurring or the non-profitable. Calculate how much it costs you to get a client or how many days pass from when they visit you for the first time, until they buy from you.
Date to make good decisions.

Confianza para Startups, comercio electrónico y grandes empresas.

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La mejor inversión para mejorar tu negocio.

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Customer Intelligence screenshot Adinton data example

Las métricas clave de su negocio.

Facturación nueva vs. recurrente

How much new business are you generating? Are your current customers still buying from you? each month?
Getting metrics of your business in real time.

Evolución de tus clientes mes a mes.

You will know which channels generate more new customers and which more recurring business.
Increase the ROAs 2x using the optimal bid at the right time according to your type of user.

Customer Intelligence screenshot Adinton data example
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¿Pagarías lo mismo para obtener compras de un nuevo cliente que de uno existente?

Having control over what type of client each channel, each campaign, each keyword brings you. Not all gutters convert equally quickly, optimizing times to sell faster.
Getting metrics of your business in real time.

Análisis de negocio de cliente a cliente

Find out who your best customers are, those who buy the most expensive products, the cheapest, the oldest, the most loyal, last purchase date, ...
Generate audiences on Google and Facebook of your best clients and generate lookalike audiences.

Customer Intelligence screenshot Adinton data example
Premium Customer Service for everyone

Servicio al cliente premium para todos.

We know how important it is to be able to consult questions, doubts or concerns. For them we will always be there. Because we are also "clients of others", we know how important excellent support is.

Instalación simple en 5 minutos, aún así te ayudamos, nunca te dejaremos

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Servicio al cliente premium para todos.

UNAV trust

Universidad de Navarra

+38% revenue

-30% investment

Petsonic Spain trust

Petsonic España

x2 Revenue every trimester

Petsonic Spain trust

Grupo Billingham

+7% Sales -30% Investment in 90 days

Petsonic Spain trust

Petsonic Francia

x10 Investments

x3 marketing investment for 2 years.

¿Por qué nuestros clientes están contentos con Adinton?.

Cómo ayudamos a aumentar las ventas mensuales en 10 veces en Petsonic España y Francia:

Explican cómo los hemos ayudado a aumentar las ventas con Adinton.

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Entrenamiento completo online:

Access Adinton Academy to learn about the implementation process, how to interpret data, and how to get the most out of Adinton.
Or access our knowledge base to consult typical questions about our platform

adinton academy

Datos inteligentes y precisos para tomar mejores decisiones

La herramienta de marketing digital más completa

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