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Prevención de Click Fraud

Detecta el fraude incluso antes de que te ataquen.

Stop ad fraud from use up your marketing budget using Adinton analytics to identify your bad traffic origin so you can optimize underperforming marketing campaigns and block invalid traffic sources.

Don't let them consume your Marketing budget.

Recupera las ventas perdidas protegiendo tu presupuesto.

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Protege tu inversión publicitaria ahora!

Know bad traffic generated by click fraud and recognize where it's coming from. Separate fraudsters from legitimate customers by analyzing every user click and increase your traffic assurance rate.
Identify, per example, 1 Click every 15 minutes, from 2 different ips..

Every CPC channel sources will be protected with Adinton Click Fraud Software.

¿3588 clics, 3588 cookies y 3588 dispositivos diferentes?

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Maximum protection for your money and your business to prevent theft.
Send comprehensive reports to Google and get your money back.

Tecnología predictiva

We analyze the behavior of users, even if they have not clicked on a payment source. If your behavior is "suspicious", we quarantine the IP, before it cheats you.
Block IPs before they click

Adinton shield against bots - click fraud software

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