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Bid Management

Bid Automation es una herramienta de gestión de pujas con piloto automático fácil y simple para Google Ads y Facebook Ads.

Maximiza las ventas invirtiendo de manera óptima en cada canal en tiempo real

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La primera herramienta que realiza pujas de cross-channel.

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What can you do with Adinton right now?

  • Create a Perfect Adwords Account of 24K keywords in less than 5 minutes.
  • Analyze how each channel is interacting and influencing the purchase decision of your users.
  • Find out which keywords, products or placements are generating more influence in each purchase, even if the purchase has ended in other channel or keyword.

  • Auto Bidding and Auto Budget Management 24/7, based on your business KPIs: ROI or CPA and Marketing Budget.
  • Add keywords, add negative keywords add negative placements, automatically.As soon as Adinton detects a business opportunity for you.
  • We never forget to take care of your marketing budget and we protect it from fraudulent behavior. As mentioned before, even if the thief is deleting cookies or changing IPs.

Search, Display, Shopping, Facebook and Googleads: Bid Automation.

Configure your own Real time Scheduled Optimizations and let Adinton works 24/7 for you tirelessly raising and lowering bids making changes every hour.
Get the most out of your investment.
You will automatically control your ad spend on campaigns, ad groups, product groups, and keywords level, applying rule based monitoring of selected KPIs combinations and continuous updating:

  • Bids - Max CPC of any kind and Bid Adjustments on campaigns, keywords, etc...
  • Budgets - monitor your daily budgets and automate Structure Optimizer
  • Statuses - switch to paused keeping ad spend under control

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Datos inteligentes y precisos para tomar mejores decisiones

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