Adinton Connector for Google Drive

Export audiences and alerts to Google Drive

Adinton allows you connect your google drive account through Adinton Goolge App to export audiences and alerts.

So, you may follow instructions at this help page ~ Exporting alerts and audiences
Also you can learn how Adinton help you to create audiences at this other help page ~ Creating audiences and predictive sales

~ Exporting alerts and audiences ~
~ Creating audiences and predictive sales ~


Adinton allows you to upload statistics data content. As described in Adinton GDrive Terms of Service, your content remains your. We do not claim ownership in any of your content, including any text, data, information and files that you upload or store in your Drive account. The privacy settings of your files depends on the folder or drive they are in. All you can do with shared content is not managed by Adinton. We will not use your content for marketing purposes or promotional campaigns.

We may review content to determine whether it is working fine. We create a folder in your Drive named “Adinton” to upload statistics files in it. So we don’t review your own content in this folder, we only read/write adinton files. Adinton files are created with this nomenclature for every type: alert-(alertId) where alertId is an internal identifier variable, per example: alert-5eeb529a0ea2ff1e72611b69 audience-(audienceId) where audienceId is an internal identifier variable, per example: audience-5eeb529a0ea2ff1e72611b69

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