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How to add marketing costs in your Account

This feature is especially important for e-commerce. You can automatically calculate the cost of your marketing campaigns. Adinton won't download the costs from Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

We've created a cost calculator.

In this example we're going to calculate Facebook Ads Costs:

Notifications Email

Notifications Email

Notifications Email

  1. You can choose: CPC, sponshorship or CPA.

CPC: If you're working in this campaign with cost per click setup. CPA: If you're working in this campaign with cost per acquisition setup. Sponsorship: If you're working with a monthly fee.

  1. Cost: You have to mark the price of the agreement.

Note: For sponsorship, you should add a daily fee. For instance, if your SEO Agency charges $3000/month, you should input $100/day.

  1. When should Adinton start calculating the cost? It could be a date from the past.
  2. When should Adinton stop calculating the cost for this campaign?