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Predictive Marketing Dashboard

We've developed a predictive algorithm, so now we can detect which lead is ready to buy.


## How Predictive Marketing Works:

Adinton analyzes 37! variables:

  • Timestamp
  • Referrer
  • Page views
  • IP
  • A mix of all of them: IP+Referrer, IP+PageView,....
  • ...

Analyzing the whole data Adinton shows in a simple chart how it is predicting.

Adinton clusters all the traffic in 6 groups from Group A to Group E, where:

  • A: Users that they are ready to buy.
  • E: users that they are not going to buy.

You can expect to know which 30% of your traffic is generating the 70% of your revenue.

Once the algorithm predicts correctly you'll be able to generate smart audiences.