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How Offline Attribution Works

If you are a B2B company, probably you have an offline sales process, but your marketing campaigns are online. So, how can we merge online journeys with offline journeys.

With Adinton, you can merge both journeus.

When a (micro) conversion is done, Adinton stores the email of your lead. Then if this lead becomes Client, you can inform Adinton which lead has became a Client (conversion), and Adinton automatically calculate the attribution on-offline.

You only have to inform Adinton the email of your leas and of your conversions, all the calculations are made in real time in our servers.

## How can I inform about offline conversions?

You have 3 diferent ways to sync offline conversions with Adinton:

  1. Importing CSV. More info
  2. Connecting your CRM to Adinton via Zapier
  3. Connecting your CRM to Adinton via API. More info