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How Adinton Cross Devicde Attribution works?

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When the same user connects to your website from a Desktop device and mobile device, for Adinton are 2 different journeys.

Once, the user identifies himself in both devices, Adinton can match both journeys. But always Adinton needs that user identifies himself in your website.

Analyzing the Cross Device Customer Journey

If we take a look at the image below:


Before Adinton could match this journey, it was made by three different journeys:

  • 1st Journey: User landed in your site and made a microconversions (add-to-cart) from desktop.
  • 2nd Journey: Users landed in the site and logged in from mobile.

At this moment, Adinton didn't know that both journeys were the same person, because we only had a "indetified journey", the 2nd one.

  • 3rd Journey: User landed in your site from CPC and made a purchse from desktop.

In this moment we have 3 different journeys. Each time a conversion is done, Adinton try to find the user (email) from different cookies, if it finds it:

  1. Adinton detects that 1st and 3rd journey is the same cookie, same device, so it's the same person. Match both journeys.
  2. Adinton finde userid or email in other journeys, and detect that there is a journey, with the same logged in email than the email that purchased, so Adinton match these journeys.

Retroactive Data

It's worth to mention that Adinton attribution calculations are retroactive. That's means that if Adinton finds, for example, two months later after the purchase, that a there is a "new" journey that belongs to one of our buyer; Adinton will recalculate the attribution for this exact journey.