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How to improve your TikTok with Attribution data

TikTok, while relatively new, is emerging as a channel for driving purchases. It's an ideal platform for generating Top of Funnel (TOFU) traffic.

However, TikTok can drive a significant volume of traffic, potentially consuming your entire marketing budget if not managed properly. Hence, a deep analysis is crucial.

## Analysis:

If you're looking to assess the performance of your TikTok campaigns, here's a suggested approach:


  1. TikTok is indeed driving traffic, with 3,829 visits leading to 24.97 conversions.
  2. The Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for these campaigns is notably high.
  3. A closer look at the attributed data reveals a lack of significant attribution.
  4. There's only a single assisting and a single assisted conversion.
  5. This suggests that TikTok traffic tends not to interact with other sources.
  6. Users on TikTok either make a purchase upon seeing your offer or quickly move on, often forgetting the offer.

## Next Steps:

What can we do with this data?

Understanding TikTok user behavior, we should consider launching highly aggressive marketing or lead generation campaigns:

  • Aggresive Marketing Campaigns: Promote offers with substantial discounts to entice immediate purchases.
  • Lead Campaigns: Recognizing that TikTok users might not be ready to buy immediately, aim to capture their emails and nurture them over time.
  • Audiences: Continue to engage and refine your TikTok audience strategies. The platform holds immense potential; the challenge lies in harnessing it profitably.