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How to improve your SEO with Attribution data

We've collaborated with companies that receive hundreds of thousands of SEO visits. It's a common belief among CMOs that such a vast volume of traffic will inevitably lead to conversions. It's a reasonable assumption.

With Adinton, you can determine if your traffic, especially Top of Funnel (TOFU) traffic, is assisting other sources in driving conversions.

## Analysis:

Let's say you want to gauge the performance of your Blog. Here's how you can do it:

SEO Optimization

  1. As depicted in the screenshot, we've set a filter to include SEO AND terms containing /blog/.
  2. Blog traffic constitutes nearly 50% of the total SEO traffic.
  3. SEO Blog traffic accounts for more than 10,000 clicks but has only led to 1 last-click conversion or 2.63 attributed conversions.

## Next Steps:

What can we do with this data?

  1. It's evident that the majority of traffic landing on /Blog via SEO isn't converting.
  2. Despite over 10,000 visits, SEO Blog traffic has only resulted in roughly 2.5 conversions.
  3. Given this, we can adopt a more aggressive marketing strategy for these visitors.
  4. We suggested that our client initiate a lead generation campaign, presenting visitors with a popup offering a discount coupon.
  5. This strategy enabled the client to expand their lead database and begin monetizing their SEO Blog traffic.