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How to improve your Google Ads Marketing with Attribution data

Chances are, you're allocating over 50% of your marketing budget to Google Ads. Given this significant investment, it's crucial to fine-tune your budget weekly based on attributed data. Regular optimization can lead to remarkable results over the course of a year.

## Analysis:

The image below highlights areas of opportunity to boost sales (indicated by green percentages). It also points out campaigns where budget reductions might be beneficial, especially if they aren't directly leading to conversions or aiding other campaigns in the conversion process.


## Next Steps:

What can we do with this data?

Based on this data, we should adjust our efforts for each campaign on a weekly basis.

So, what does increasing effort entail?

Increasing effort can mean:

  • Raising the campaign budget,
  • Upping the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), or
  • Lowering the Return on Ad Spend (ROAs).

Imagine the transformative impact on your results if you could consistently enhance your marketing campaigns using this data.