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TV Attribution Report

With Adinton, you can evaluate the impact of your TV campaigns on your digital marketing efforts.

Understanding TV Attribution

When traffic arrives at your homepage via SEO Brand or Direct traffic, Adinton can modify the utm_source from SEO or Direct to TV.

However, Adinton won't adjust 100% of the traffic originating from SEO Brand or Direct. Instead, it will only modify the traffic that visits your homepage shortly after your TV spot airs.

How does Adinton determine when your spot is broadcasted?

You need to inform Adinton about the airing times of your spots. This is why we require the GRPs.

How to Setup your TV Attribution Tracking:


  1. Specify the duration (in minutes) after your TV spot airs during which you want to track SEO Brand and Direct Traffic as TV traffic.
  2. Indicate the percentage of cookies from SEO Brand and Direct traffic (within the previously defined time frame) that you wish to reclassify as TV source traffic.
  3. Define your homepage URL.
  4. Import GRPs in bulk using our provided CSV template.

Thanks to this report, Adinton can implement a TV cookie (replacing the SEO or Direct traffic cookie) with a 90-day lifespan, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of TV's influence on other traffic sources.