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Source Analysis Report

The Source Analysis Report ranks among our most potent tools. Our clients benefit from sophisticated data, meticulously structured for clarity and ease of use. Optimization Sources

1. Your KPIs filtered by your top 10 sources

You'll access

  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Revenue
  • Micro conversions
  • Unique Micro Conversions
  • Attributed Conversions (smart conversions)
  • Attributed Revenue (smart revenue)
  • Cost
  • Conversion Rate

You can filter and delve into your top 10 sources for individual analysis.

2. Revenue per Click vs Cost Per Click

Evaluate daily whether your revenue per click (RPC) exceeds your cost per click (CPC). This will indicate which days yielded a positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAs) per click.

3. Conversions vs Assisted

This report is invaluable for identifying days when your conversions required additional support from other channels.

4. Assisting vs Assisted Conversions

This analysis is instrumental in pinpointing days when conversions required more assistance, or conversely, days when the customer journeys began.

Assisted vs Assisting Journey

5. New vs Recurring Clients

Determine periods when you've attracted more new customers versus times when you've secured sales from recurring clients.

It's not advisable to allocate the same Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for new customers as you would for recurring ones.

6. Assisting and Assisted conversions by Source selecting dates in the calendar:

In this report, you'll discern which channels either aided or were aided by the sales of the filtered channel over the selected date range.

7. Assisting and Assisted conversions by Source last 30 days:

This analysis reveals which channels either supported or were supported by the sales of the filtered channel over the past 30 days.

The charts highlight how SEO conversions either assisted or were assisted by other sources during this period.

This insight is crucial for detecting if certain sources have begun or ceased assisting other channels.

8. Assisting and Assisted conversions by Source last 6 months:

This mirrors point 7 but spans the last 6 months.

Thanks to this analysis, you can discern reasons why SEO might have ceased assisting certain channels. Attribution-6months-historical-report