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Attribution Report

# Attribution Report.

Adinton's journey began with these reports. All the data discussed here can be filtered by: Source, Medium, Campaign, and Term.

For a comprehensive understanding of all the KPIs, please visit the Glossay Page.

Interpreging this report

Interpreting Attribution Report

Initially, we recommend displaying only the following columns:

  • Sources
  • Clicks
  • Page Views: This allows for an analysis of the engagement level of each source.
  • Smart Conversions AT Conversions: Here, you can contrast attributed conversions with last-click conversions.
  • New Customers
  • Recurring Customers
  • Total Assisted Conversions
  • Total Assisting Conversions

By examining these columns collectively, you can discern:

  1. Which sources predominantly drive new business versus repeat business.
  2. The sources that finalize deals and those that aid other sources in closing deals.
  3. The sources that predominantly assist others.
  4. The sources that require more assistance to finalize deals.
  5. The sources with the most favorable Assisting/Assisted ratio. F or a more granular analysis, click on the inverted blue triangle. This will reveal EXACTLY which channels are assisting or being assisted by others:

Attribution Deep Report

All this data is precise and accurate. It's NOT based on algorithmic predictions. Adinton derives this information after a thorough analysis of the Tracing Report.

This data can also be filtered by medium, campaign, term, Operating System, and devices.