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Adinton started being a Marketing Attribution Software. So we needed to track every single click and page view. Thanks to our Data Base architecture we can offer to the market the Best Attribution Model for marketers.

As we track every click of your website visitors, applying machine learning algorithms we can predict which of your visitors, even anonymous, are “Ready to Buy”.

98% of your visitors are not converting

Sad but true!

But with Adinton, you’ll be able to segment all your non-converting visitors into 6 groups, from A to F. Where A is the group of users that they are ready to buy and group F, belongs to users that they are curious and they are not going to buy.

As you can see in the image Adinton knows:

  • Which 9% of your traffic (Groups: A+B+C) is generating 69% of your Revenue.
  • Which 85% of your traffic (Groups: E+F) is generating 21% of your revenue. We are better than 80/20, Pareto’s law.

Our Conversion rate per group is better than your average conversion rate.

What could you do once you know who of your visitors are Ready to Buy?

Let us show a couple of predictive features, I’m sure you’ll love them.

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