Marketing Attribution Solution Journey

We started to develop Adinton in October 2013 and after 1.5 years we started to generate the first clients.

Since 2015 we’ve created and developed the marketing attribution market. We’ve talked with a lot of companies around the world and with hundreds of CMO, VP of Marketing,… from e-commerce, SaaS or Lead Generation Companies.

Thanks to this huge experience we can create this easy and fresh “virtual demo” of our Marketing Attribution Software.

CMO this is your Big Problem that is growing year over year

All of us are experiencing the exact same problem:

Every time is more expensive to attract new customers and keep them with us.

The lifetime value is almost the same than 3 years ago, but CAC is at least +50% more expensive.

The CMOs of big tech companies instead of investing their marketing budget generating more traffic, they are leveraging on technology. Solutions that can help them to win more customers with the same budget.

  • Why do we invest in channels that they are not generating neither assisting sales to other channels?
  • Why do we leave a lot of money on the table because we’re letting go visitors that they are really ready to buy?

Adinton will help you:

  • with recommendations about marketing budget location for being superprofitable.
  • with predictive algorithms that will help you to dectect which of your visitors are Ready to buy.
  • sync the two previous features and creating automatic actions based on complex data.

All our potential customers have these questions in mind:

Where must I locate my marketing budget for increasing revenue?

Marketing Attribution Recommendations

With Adinton you’ll see recommendations based on attributed data filter by Source, Campaigns, or Terms.

As you can see in the image: Google (in this case is Google Ads, 3rd row) has closed with last-click model 59 conversions, but Adinton gives a value of 65.10 attributed conversions. That means you can increase your budget, CPC, traffic, audience in Google Ads a 10.33%

Conversion Effectiveness is a perfect KPI if you want to increase sales or conversions. If you’re working with a CPA = $10, with this value you will be able to work with a CPA = $11 being profitable.

Obviously, you can think that probably you shouldn’t increase a 10% your CPA for all your Google Ads Campaigns. And let me say, you’re right. For this reason, you can filter by campaign, even by term, and make better optimization decisions.

Marketing attribution per google ads campaigns

As you can see in the image, we’ve filtered by source = google, (you can create filters with more than 50 variables). You’ll find that the system is recommending an increase, accelerate in a lot of campaigns, even in Brand Campaign (in the last row) Adinton recommends decreasing effort. Why? As you can imagine because this campaign needs help from other campaigns or sources to close a conversion.

Probably if you need deeper information about attribution you’d like to see:

How much exactly is influencing each channel to each other?

In this Adinton’s screenshot, you’re going to see exactly how much is assisting or being assisted each channel.

As you can see, Google is a channel that is helping other channels with 48 conversions, and it needed help to close 41 conversions.

If we’d like to see exactly which sources are google ads helping:

With the screenshots that you have seen on this page, you have accurate and agnostic attributed data to make marketing decisions.

But Adinton has much more attributed data that helps you to scale sales. Let’s take a look.

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