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How to Calculate Attributed ROAS

The main question that we have when a potential customer contacts us when they need marketing attribution data is:

“We need to know which is the Attributed ROAS of my marketing campaigns.”

” We need to know how much is influencing my Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Youtube campaigns generating conversions.”

We have the perfect report to answer these common questions:

How to know how much is influencing my marketing campaigns?

This report shows how your top10 channels are converting, opening customer journeys, finishing, or influencing.
In the column “Smart Conversions AT,” you’ll know your attributed conversions per Source. Remember you can filter this report by Source, Campaigns, or Terms.

You can further analyze your data and make decisions based on Revenue and Attributed Revenue instead of attributed conversions.

You’ll have access as well to Attributed Revenue data. So you can figure out which of your channel is closing more Revenue and is helping to close more Revenue to other channels.
This KPI is critical when you need to work on a ROAS basis.

In both cases, conversions and revenue, you’ll find our Adinton’s Recommendations about how much increase/decrease your effort in each channel.

If you activate Adinton’s Costs Calculator, you can automatically download your Google Ads and Facebook Ads costs. On the other hand, you will calculate your costs of all your channels, as we explain in this post.

Why is it important to download your costs?

It’s important because once you’re working with attributed conversions if you download the cost of each channel, you unblock Attributed CPA as well.
If we continue mixing data like Cost and Revenue, you’ll have access to Attributed ROAS per Source, Campaign, or Term!

You’ll be able to filter your data easily by Sources, Campaigns, and Terms. But you can work with our Advanced Filter tool. This filter tool will help you work with more than 50 different from taking advantage of your data.

All this information and much more is accessible with Adinton’s Lite Package. Lite Package is the perfect option for those companies that need attributed data and take action quickly.

On the other hand, if you have enough time to analyze deep data, our Adinton’s Advanced Package suite perfect for you.

In Advanced Attribution Data, you’ll have access to our most profound Attribution Report, where you’ll know exactly how much is influencing one source to the other ones.

This report shows how much exactly every channel is assisting or being assisted in converting. In this report, we don’t use any algorithm to make a calculation. It’s clean and exact data.

Exactly Google Ads is helping other channels in 92 conversions to other channels.

Which channels and how much?
In this screenshot, you’ll figure it out!

Adinton is the most sophisticated Marketing Attribution Software. Adinton has more than 30 different attribution reports and works with more than 75 KPI.
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