Case Studies

What could you do if you knew you’re going to increase your ARR 50% year over year. Our current clients are living it! Take a look at some of Adinton’s case studies only focused on Google Ads: Case Study #1 Company: E-commerce GOAL: 1.6x More revenue year over year from 2017 Case Study #2 Company:… Continue reading Case Studies

Predictive Audience Builder

Predictive Audience Builder Once you know who is ready to buy and who’s not, why don’t generate automatically audiences in Google Ads and Facebook Ads? We can connect via API with Google Ads and Facebook Ads and upload your clustered leads and create amazing remarketing campaigns based on buying intent. You’ll go a lot of… Continue reading Predictive Audience Builder

Buyer Intent per Source

You’ll have access to Buyer Intent Analysis by Source! You’ll which of your sources are generating more traffic from the bottom of the funnel vs top of the funnel and obviously not ready to buy. Even you’ll have access to this report filter by source, campaigns and terms. Because it’s not enough to know that… Continue reading Buyer Intent per Source

Cookie and lead scoring

With Adinton you’ll know exactly how many cookies and leads we have grouped by Buying Intent and based on your historical data we can predict how much money you are leaving on the table. It’s amazing to have a solution that can give predictive insights. But, as marketers we need action, what do we do… Continue reading Cookie and lead scoring

Predictive Marketing Solution Virtual Tour

Adinton started being a Marketing Attribution Software. So we needed to track every single click and page view. Thanks to our Data Base architecture we can offer to the market the Best Attribution Model for marketers. As we track every click of your website visitors, applying machine learning algorithms we can predict which of your… Continue reading Predictive Marketing Solution Virtual Tour

How to add Adinton’s Pixels

In this post I’m going to explain how to add our pixels and how to synchronize or predictive leads via API. Let’s start from de beginning: Adinton works with two pixels: Tracking pixel: Must be added in all your website pages Event Pixel: Must be added when a goal or micro-goal is achieved. To add… Continue reading How to add Adinton’s Pixels

Attribution Algorithmic Explained

In this post we’re going to explain how we calculate our attribution data in 3 easy steps: 1. Data Recollection: Adinton stores every single click and page view, even we can store add to carts, leads, newsletter subscriptions… as micro-conversions. 2. Conversion Data Adinton stores as well conversion data, stored by default variables like email,… Continue reading Attribution Algorithmic Explained

Historical Attribution Data Report

This report is amazing and can clarify in crisis moments what is happening. Do you remember that day when your Google Ads conversions decreased drastically and you didn’t know why? Same budget Same strategy Same keywords Nothing changed With this historical attribution report, you can see extremely easily which channels are stopped to assist Gooogle… Continue reading Historical Attribution Data Report

Attributed ROAs

The main reason why our customers start to work with us is for this amazing column that you will have access by Source, Campaigns and Terms ! How we Calculate Attributed ROAs As you know: Return on Ad Investment = Revenue / marketing cost. So Attributed ROAs will be: Attributed Revenue / marketing cost. Attributed… Continue reading Attributed ROAs