Attributed ROAs

The main reason why our customers start to work with us is for this amazing column that you will have access by Source, Campaigns and Terms !

How we Calculate Attributed ROAs

As you know: Return on Ad Investment = Revenue / marketing cost.

So Attributed ROAs will be: Attributed Revenue / marketing cost.

Attributed Revenue:

Attributed ROAs Report

As you can saw on the last page, Adinton will show you attributed conversions. Adinton can track the revenue when a conversion is done, so we calculate individually the attributed revenue each time a conversion is done.

With this information, you’re going to have a second Attributed KPI that can help you to make better decisions. Because, attributed conversions can help you to detect which channel can help you to grow conversions, but attributed revenue will help you to detect which channel, campaign, or term can help to increase revenue.

Attributed revenue is especially useful when you have different products with completely different prices.

If you can see in the last screenshot you’ll see that Google Ads (3rd row) have a recommendation of +10.33% in Conversion Effectiveness, but +25,49% in Revenue Effectiveness.

So Google Ads could be an excellent Source for being increased because is a channel that can help to generate new customers, BUT these customers are going to buy our high tickets products or it is going to be easier to generate upsells.

How does Adinton know the Cost by Source?

Adinton can know the cost per source thanks to two different methods:

  • API Connections: Adinton can connect via API to Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  • Cost Calculator. We’ve created a cost calculator, you’ll be able to add costs to all your sources.

Once we have Attributed Revenue and Costs, we can calculate easily Attributed ROAs.

Attributed ROAs

Attributed ROAS

Remember, you’ll get Attributed ROAS per Source, Campaigns or Terms in real-time.

You’re going to make the best decisions for your business once you have access to:

  • Attributed Conversions
  • Attributed Revenue
  • Attributed ROAs

It’s a game-changer once you can take advantage of your own data, data that you already have.

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