• For your next campaign: Use a simple tool to determine the influence of each channel
    Unfortunately, the data provided by Google Analytics is not as spectacular or conclusive as that provided by other tools. Here are some screenshots, just so you know this isn’t a (very) biased opinion 🙂 …
  • How to Calculate Attributed ROAS
    The main question that we have when a potential customer contacts us when they need marketing attribution data is: “We need to know which is the Attributed ROAS of my marketing campaigns.” ” We need to know how much is influencing my Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Youtube campaigns generating conversions.” We have the perfect report to answer these common questions: How to know how much is influencing my marketing campaigns? This report shows how your top10 channels are converting, opening customer journeys, finishing, or influencing.In the column “Smart Conversions AT,” you’ll know your attributed conversions per Source. Remember you… Continue reading How to Calculate Attributed ROAS
  • Table with Pros and Cons of Attribution Models
    Now that we have introduced a lineal attribution model, let’s review the various models that Analytics provides:
  • Direct traffic and attribution models
    In this article we will give you a brief introduction of how to measure direct traffic and how the conversion value changes depending on the attribution model you decide to use. What is direct traffic? Direct traffic is a kind of traffic source as could be SEM, emailing, Display, Referer or Organic. Direct traffic could be defined as any traffic a webpage receives directly, meaning, either a user has typed the URL and push enter or the user has landed on your webpage by the use of a bookmark.
  • Introduction to Marketing Attribution
    Marketing attribution uses rules in order to understand users better and to optimize their experience when they find our services or products. These rules constitute attribution models. Theoretically speaking, an attribution model is a system that establishes how to assign a value to sales and conversions to the points of contact within conversion routes. Specifically, an attribution model will show you which channels are making conversions or sales on your website, and which ones aren’t (which ones are unprofitable or cost-effective). The 7 most popular and used attribution models are: 1. Last interaction. 2. Last indirect click. 3. Last Adwords… Continue reading Introduction to Marketing Attribution