The probability of failure of a marketing campaign is directly proportional to the lack of time an eMarketer has to build a solid strategy.

We give eMarketers “time” by simplifying the complex customer data with machine learning to give them easy and real time access to the most important KPIs and a wide range of task automation options.


We have our own technology based on Big Data and Machine Learning. Bid optimization, campaign creation, audience creation. Everything you need to be successful.


More than 20 years of experience in Digital Marketing. We have managed millions of euros in budget and generated more than 500 Millions in Billing. We know what pain is, we have created the solution.

Improves Results

The only result that we accept is to improve the day-to-day of the eMarketers, with better tools, with better organized data so that they can make the best decisions.

Our team

Imagine reaching deep inside you for all the strength and wisdom that you need to make this decision today.

Rafael Jiménez

Marketing specialist with experience since 1999. He has managed large advertising investments in companies worldwide.

Oscar Junyent

Technological manager of the tool. Experience in IT management in large corporations: Technology, Airlines, Hotels and Ticketing

Ignacio Cabrero

Responsible for Data and Algorithms. Experience in the creation of algorithms, data processing in large corporations.

Dídac Lee
(More than a Mentor)

Global Super Entrepreneur, investor and named as “Best mentor in Europe.”

Our history


The idea

A client told us while we were managing her Google Ad campaigns:
“If we don’t know how much that generic keyword campaign influences my brand campaign, we can’t stop it.”
In less than 2 months we had created a simple system to measure the attribution for Google Ads.



We developed an attribution model analysis system for Google Ads, but found that it could also be used to measure the attribution of all channels and devices.
We began to market it.


PPC bid Management

Every day we calculated better and learned more. From talking to our customers, we quickly understood that if we could figure out exactly how much one keyword influenced the others in closing a sale, we could easily calculate the optimal bid to maximize sales.


Predictive Audiences

Working with our attribution models forced us to design a database structure that was capable of organizing and processing at high speed all the information collected from each click. Thanks to its architecture, we were able to apply Machine Learning algorithms and ultimately predict that 20% of website visits that will generate 80% of turnover.


We Create the Future of Marketing

Today, we continue to develop cutting-edge technology for the Marketing and Sales team worldwide.