About us

We began developing Adinton in 2013 and started marketing it in 2014. After so many years of development, we’ve learned a lot, but I’d like to highlight:

The primary objective of Adinton is to guide CMOs worldwide in making informed decisions about where to allocate their marketing funds for maximum sales yield.

One of the big problems that businesses don’t fix and they already have the data is new vs recurring revenue:
How do you know your marketing campaign is performing correctly if you don’t track recurring vs new visitors?|

But do these channels align with the objectives of our company?

The unequivocal answer is yes. As marketers, we comprehend that a channel that doesn’t directly lead to sales should still contribute to “brand building.” However, we cannot exhaust our budget on channels that merely build brand awareness without generating any sales. This is where Adinton steps in, aiding marketers in analyzing complex data and facilitating informed decision-making. Adinton isn’t just a tool for manipulating data; it’s designed to guide your decision-making process. Imagine collaborating with your new colleague, a Web Analyst.

This colleague meticulously analyzes all sales data, user behavior on your website, and traffic acquisition. They process this data, create predictive models, and deliver the precise information you need. All of this is accomplished without fatigue, available 24/7. This is Adinton, the most exceptional Marketing Assistant ever devised.

Moreover, we have realized that technology shouldn’t be exorbitant. Our competitors are 27.78 times pricier than Adinton, yet they don’t provide 28 times the value that Adinton does. The choice is yours. There’s a saying, “No one got fired for choosing IBM,” but companies like Apple, Facebook, Hubspot, and OpenAI don’t work with IBM.

Adinton offers you what you require at an affordable price.

Our aim is for all marketers worldwide to conduct profitable and efficient marketing campaigns that avoid unnecessary expenditures. Those who adeptly leverage data to make bold decisions should gain a substantial edge over other marketers. Companies that invest in technology to acquire truthful, unbiased, and reliable data should witness year-on-year growth without having to leverage their assets to sustain their traffic acquisition campaigns due to “malicious” increases in CPC.

We are an independent bootstrapped company, comprising a team of developers, data analysts, and marketers who are passionate about our profession and enjoy collaborating to create a valuable product for marketers. We are neutral and independent. If you prefer working with an Attribution Model company that boasts hundreds of employees and salespeople who vanish after you’ve signed the contract, and is publicly traded, then perhaps we are not the right fit for you. However, if you wish to collaborate with a company whose product has been created by marketers for marketers, a product we have been using every day since 2013 and that will enhance your efficiency, then you’ve come to the right place.

Any uncertainties?

Access our training materials in both English and Spanish. Additionally, explore our knowledge base to see the full spectrum of capabilities our tool offers. Armed with this information, compare us with our competition. If you still harbor doubts about hiring us even after all that, then perhaps we might not be what you’re looking for.

We have discovered that almost 35% of the marketing budget is squandered because marketers rely on biased and unreliable data.

When it comes to Digital Marketing, the global yearly budget amounts to billions of USD, and we are

Our mission is to provide all marketers with the means to work with Accurate + Unbiased + Actionable Data, enabling them to run more effective marketing campaigns and put a stop to unnecessary financial waste.

We believe that marketers, armed with the right data, can devise more profitable and impactful marketing campaigns for their target audience. Adinton will facilitate this process by providing insights into which of your marketing campaigns are generating sales or supporting the sales of others. Armed with this data, you can allocate your marketing budget in the most profitable areas, ultimately making a positive impact on your audience with the right message and Call-To-Action on the appropriate platform.

We represent a new generation of SaaS tech companies:

We do not employ SDRs or AEs, nor do we operate from the most prestigious buildings in your city. Our focus is squarely on delivering exceptional solutions for marketers, and we market our solutions by educating our potential customers.

Rather than deploying SDRs and AEs with hefty salaries, we have developed video tutorials that we upload to our learning platform to educate you on how to leverage marketing attribution, how Adinton can be of assistance, and we provide you access to a Demo Account.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us, you can begin immediately or schedule a call at your convenience.

Our approach is entirely distinct. We are not merely aiming to sell our product; we aim to educate and assist you, allowing you to determine if you genuinely require a marketing attribution solution and if Adinton is the best fit for your needs.

As mentioned earlier, our objective is for marketers to cease wasting money and start crafting profitable marketing campaigns with or without Adinton.

Welcome to Adinton