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White Label Marketing Attribution for Digital Agencies

You’ll know how to allocate your marketing budget to maximize revenue. Make wise investments with your marketing budget. Make your data your unfair advantage.

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What would you need to scale your business profitably?

With these reports updated in Real-Time you will increase sales.

You will know where your revenue comes from – new customers or recurring clients.

One of the big problems that businesses don’t fix and they already have the data is new vs recurring revenue:

How do you know your marketing campaign is performing correctly if you don’t track recurring vs new visitors?

How many of yesterday’s sales came from recurring customers? Did recurring customers stop buying your products?
Growth is not about hacks; it’s about understanding the business.

Who are your top customers who have stopped purchasing from you?

You’ll be able to extract a list of our top 1000 customers who haven’t made a purchase in over 6 months. We could run an email marketing campaign or nurture our audiences.


You’ll know exactly how much to invest in each of your sales channels.

After analyzing the attribution of the last 30 days, we know how to allocate our marketing budget to maximize conversions and revenue. It will only take us 30 minutes to implement this change.


Uncover hidden golden opportunities

By analyzing Google Ads campaigns, we’ve identified, through attribution, a campaign with significant growth potential and profitability. This campaign assists other campaigns throughout the customer journey.


All your CPC Campaigns under control

Your brand must always be visible to your potential customers. 

But, CPC and CPA are more expensive, you have more competitors, and ROAS, clicks, and visibility are decreasing for your brand.

Increase/Decrease your Target CPA/ROAS based on your Attributed Performance in Real Time.

Stay ahead of your competition. Push on the channels where you’re profitable, closing, or assisting conversions, and pull your spend from those channels where you are not generating revenue! Start making marketing decisions based on your customer journey analysis.

You’ll be able to create every kind of filters that will help you to make smarter decisions.


Attributed Data Demystified

You’ll see a lot of algorithmic data, but you’ll need to make decisions knowing data based on the exact journey of your users.

You’ll know exactly how much “Facebook Ads” is assisting “Google Ads” and how much Broad Keywords Campaigns is assisting your Brand Keywords.

You’ll see at a glance:

  • Which of your channels or campaigns or even terms are generating new vs recurring customers.
  • Which of your channels needs more help to close conversions.
  • Which of your channels is closing more conversions, and is the best “assisting” channel.

You’ll see the exact data; it’s not algorithmic data. 


When are you more profitable?

You’ll discover the days when your most profitable journeys are taking place, even if those journeys conclude on a different day, week, or month.

Clients with extended customer journeys find immense value in this report.

How many conversions did you actually generate last Monday when you launched that new campaign?


Individual Customer Journey Analysis:

You comprehend the reasons behind your users’ hesitations to initiate the next step of their journey.

You gain insight into the entire journey of your visitors, categorized by source, successful journeys, and more. You access information about devices, page views, sources, mediums, search terms, time stamps, and more.

All the data necessary to genuinely comprehend your visitors.


Historical marketing attribution report

The main problem we marketers face is investing in channels that do not contribute to sales. Many times, we think it is easy to detect, but nothing could be further from the truth. Identifying channels that cannibalize sales from others is a must in attribution marketing. Compare each month how a source is assisting or stoped to assist to other source.


What should a CMO have for breakfast every morning?

This report was requested by a CEO for their marketing team. The CEO wanted their team to have fresh business insights early in the morning, so that upon arriving at the office, they already knew what needed to be done to increase sales.


Level up with Predictive Marketing:

To optimize your marketing strategy, you must master the art of budget allocation (marketing attribution) and accurately gauge your traffic’s purchasing intent.

Are your visitors poised for purchasing, or are you primarily attracting visitors with lower buying intent? Adinton’s Predictive Algorithm classifies your traffic into 6 groups (A to F), ranging from those most prepared to buy to those with the least readiness. By identifying Group A as having ready-to-buy users and Group F as having users not yet prepared, you can tailor your marketing campaigns accordingly.

As depicted in the image, Adinton reveals that 18% of your traffic contributes to 78% (the combined sum of A to E) of your sales. Armed with this knowledge, you can pinpoint which marketing campaigns draw higher buying intent traffic, allowing you to amplify your efforts in driving traffic.


Start tracking in less than 5 minutes:

You have the option to incorporate our pixels using Tag Manager or configure our modules and plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, or PrestaShop. You’ll begin observing your Attributed Data in less than 5 minutes.

The implementation process is as easy as adding these pixels on your website. Add the first code to all your website pages; you can track users when they login to your website. The second one is the “Event Tracker” code; you’ll be able to track every kind of event such as purchases, leads, add-to-carts, and newsletter subscriptions… 

If you have questions please visit our knowledge base. For our API documentation, click here.


Sync Offline Conversions

You get to connect your online and offline journeys in less than 5 minutes thanks to our Zapier integration.

Connect Adinton and your CRM to Zapier. Once an opportunity becomes “Won”, this information is sent from your CRM to Adinton through Zapier. You can sync this data via API (recommended) or CSV (not recommended).


Premium Customer Success: Recurring Monthly Meeting.

Each month, you will have a 1 hour meeting with an attribution marketing specialist from our team. They will assist you in reading and comprehending the data, addressing your queries, and aiding you in setting and achieving monthly goals. Data is just as crucial as its interpretation and the subsequent execution of data-driven actions. We support you throughout the optimization process: data generation, analysis, interpretation, and the corresponding execution of actions.


How to Start to work with Adinton

Our business approach is distinctively unique. We’re 100% dedicated to putting you first. We guide you in making the right decision from the outset. To gain a deeper understanding of our solution and see firsthand how we can assist you, follow these steps:

1. Enroll in our Learning Platform

We speak with complete transparency about our tool. That’s why, before initiating any sales calls, we prefer our potential clients to have all the necessary information to decide whether to work with us or not. We’ve developed a platform with audiovisual content so you can determine if we’re a good fit for you and your company.

2. Learning before buying

On the training platform, you can watch videos such as an Adinton Demo, training on predictive marketing and marketing attribution; gain access to a demo account and useful documentation. Everything you need to make an informed decision.

3. Schedule a call with an Attribution Specialist

After you’ve explored all the information on Adinton, marketing attribution, and predictive marketing within the platform, you can schedule a call with one of our Marketing Attribution Specialists. This won’t be a sales call. Instead, you’ll be speaking with a Marketing Attribution Specialist who will address all your questions about the tool and its day-to-day use. Additionally, you can also discuss topics like pricing and billing if needed.

Our clients contract Adinton for:


Growth with Attribution Data
Start at
Up to 300,000 montly page views.
Unlimited Accounts
Unlimited Users
Marketing Attribution Reports
Optimization Reports
Customer intelligence
Time Evolution Reports
Individual Journey Analysis
Historical Attribution Reports
Breakfast Report
Offline Conversions Tracking
TV Attribution
Enroll in the Training
HyperGrowth with Predictive Data
Start at
Billed Annually
Up to 300,000 monthly page views.
Unlimited Accounts
Unlimited Users
Marketing Attribution Reports
Optimization Reports
Customer intelligence
Time Evolution Reports
Individual Journey Analysis
Historical Attribution Reports
Monthly Meetings Reviews
Breakfast Report
Offline Conversion Tracking
TV Attribution
Dedicated Account Executive
Monthly Meetings Review
Predictive Marketing Package
Enroll in the Training

GA4 Attribution vs Adinton

    * Click on the next tabs to compare.
Default Attribution Model Data-Driven (DDA)
Flexibility in Attribution Models No
Bias Towards Own Channels No. Agnostic system
Philosophy Which touch point have the greatest effec on the buying intent of each user individually.
Data Requirements for Advanced Models At least 60 conversions, with no minimum interactions requirement
Data Requirements for Advanced Models At least 60 conversions, with no minimum interactions requirement
When Calculate attributed data Real-time
Update Algorithm
Take in mind new vs recurring customer journeys
Integration with Other Services Offline Conversions, Google Drive, TV Attribution, Zapier
Automatic (gclid) vs Manual Tagging Automatic tagging is not taken in mind
Multiplatform Tracking
User Consent Needs consent to track
Reports and Analysis Ready to make decisions for users without experience.
Ease of Use High
Cost Start at 300€
Support and Documentation Knowledgebase, Email, Slack and Zoom
Cookie Duration Up to 90 days by default
Minimum Traffic Required Start at 20,000 monthly visits
Historical Attributed Data Up to 6 months
Adapt attributed data based on offline or cross divide data
Predictive Data
Minimum users 1000 returning users (buyers, leads,…)
Period of time to be eligible Minimum 60 days
Data Stored Forever

We are what a web analytics solution should be: Accurate, Agnostic & Actionable (A+++)