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Adinton makes your marketing and sales strategy more profitable.

  • Unlock Attributed Revenue
  • Agnostic & in real-time
  • Sync with any platform

    How much could your sales increase?

    Trusted by Startups, e-commerce and large companies

    With increasing CPAs and CACs, we need new Marketing strategies to be more efficient and profitable

    • Stop losing sales opportunities
    • Detect who is ready to convert
    • Group your visitors based on buyer intent

    Without Adinton

    With Adinton

    Attribution Algorithm based on Buying Intent of your users

    Track the behavior of all your users in real-time. We push all that data through our machine learning algorithm to group your users based on Buyer Intent.
    You will have your own machine learning algorithm based on your own data with real-time updates. The Algorithm makes updated predictions every 2 days for each user. It also sends hourly updates to your Marketing Stack no matter the business conditions, whether its peak season or there have been unforeseen global events.

    Sync your Attributed Data

    Never lose a sales opportunity again

    Sync your predicted data across all your marketing and sales stack as well as your SEM and Social Ad accounts. Sync with your marketing automation tool or CRM in real time via API, Zapier or Google Sheets. And your remarketing audiences are updated every 12 hours.

    Install in minutes

    We work with the top platforms

    Download the Adinton Pixel and start tracking your user behavior on your website in minutes. Adinton is proprietary software, easy to use and 100% connectable to the tools you already use.

    Data-Driven Growth & Predictive Marketing Specialists

    Profitable Investment in Google Ads x2

    Thanks to the Google Ads consultancy of the Motorgrowth team, we managed to scale leads and sales of our Google Ads campaigns.

    Francisco García, Ex-CEO, Credimarket, (company sold)

    Annual Sales Increase x2

    These people really do what they say

    Younes El Azizi, Head of Ecommerce, Juvasa

    We Work Big

    Companies scaling sales are those that rely on technology to maximize ROAS and generate volume. Very few companies are prepared to offer this type of technology, we are.

    Rafael Jimenez, CEO, Motorgrowth